Was Your Home Built Before 1980?

Was Your Home Built Before 1980?

Get asbestos abatement services in Santee, CA

Asbestos is a serious problem in older homes. If it's left untreated, asbestos can be life-threatening for you and your family. Optimal Solutions Inc. offers asbestos abatement services for homes and businesses in the Santee, California area. Whether you just moved in or you've discovered the problem recently, you need professional abatement services immediately.

Our team is OSHA -certified to remove asbestos effectively. Call us today to set up an appointment.

Common places to find asbestos

Finding asbestos is important for your family's health. Living with asbestos creates serious health risks, and it can put everyone in your household at risk. Any part of your home that was built before 1980 should be checked for asbestos. This includes the...

Plaster | Flooring tiles | Insulation | Drywall

Stucco | Siding | Shingles

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